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Epinephelus malabaricus

grouperGroupers are teleosts, meaning they can protrude their jaw outward, and are characterized by a thick body and a very large mouth. They’re found all over the world, and some species indigenous to the Pacific have measured over eight feet long! In the Gulf, however, they do not grow this large. Their large mouths allow them to suck in prey using their gills and dig holes under rocks for shelter. Grouper can be fished in Alabama throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Most groupers are hermaphroditic, as they begin life as male and have the ability change into a female after a few years. Groupers are often harem-like in reproductive behavior, where one male may control a harem of 15 or more females.

Despite these factors, groupers tend to lead solitary lives, particularly when they become large. They’re most often found around wrecks and reefs, as they build their shelters under large formations. When fishing, they tend to ambush their prey rather than chase, which makes them easy to hook for anglers, but often quite difficult to land.

Groupers are popular to fish in the Gulf since they are quite cooperative and easy to hook. If an angler fails to land one while fishing a known underwater formation, it’s likely there aren’t any grouper to catch around the wreck at the time.

As a lean fish, grouper is quite popular on the dinner table. It has a large flake, firm bite, and mild flavor. It takes well to seasoning, but does require basting to stay moist due to its leanness. Grouper is a low-fat option for a meal that appeals to most, even those who normally don’t prefer to eat fish.

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One word! Awesome!!!! He Worked hard to make the trip the best it could be. Went above and beyond what he should have. He let us sit there and watch the blue angles practice when he didn’t have too. Are time was up. Great fishing trip! Something I will never forget. Thanks Scott!!

Crystal M Jablonski

Best fishing charter myself and kidos have had. Captain Scott is great and excellent in helping kids, could not have been any better. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to go fishing!!!! Thank you Captain Scott.

Tom Davis

Truly enjoyed the experience and Captain Scott's experience in locating the fish and we caught a variety of fish. Plan to do it again the next time we return. Thanks!

Sonny Kendzierski